A look back at the Human Genome Project

Breaking the Code, PBS, Bruce Roe and Francis Collins talk to Ray Suarez, 1999

This interview provides a glimpse of the Human Genome Project, as it was happening.

It captures some of the excitement...

The determination of a DNA Sequence of a whole human chromosome is a tour de force. It provides the first view of a complete chromosome from a completely new vantage point. It's like seeing the surface or the landscape of a new planet for the first time.

... and shows how much things have changed since 1999.

Computers have been enormously helpful to this project. It's rather fortunate that the computer revolution and the genetics revolution are occurring in a nice dovetailed fashion, or we'd be having some trouble. But I will say for the real computer experts, they don't see our problems so far as all that demanding or challenging; even though it's a lot of information, it is fairly straightforward [so far].

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