Shell Economist Prize winners announced

Import workers or export jobs? The winning essays are available here. The first prize went to Claudia O'Keefe who provides a touching first-person account and a much needed "shut up and think" in the dogmatic discussion around outsourcing. Hopefully the prize money will afford her the comfort and opportunity to write more.

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Dean thomas said...

Claudia O'keefe is a fake!
The essay that Claudia had wrote is filled with more lies then a politician has up his sleeve . I beleive it to be completly unfair for others to come in second or third under such lies. Claudia' essay depicted a life that she was supose to have lived.Nothing could be furthure from the way in which she has lived.
Claudia stated that her family lived in comfort from her fathers job.In fact during the time stated her(step father)held 5 jobs at one time and could not afford to even pay the bills. The nice "upscale"home in the burbs that she talks of was forclosed on shortly after the family had moved there.Claudia has spent the better portion of her life skipping out on bills and hideing from bill collectors.She is a thief,a liar,a con and a purjuror under oath.I can proove everything I state.For the whole story email me @