New book

Networks - Critical Studies in Economic Institutions, edited by Gernot Grabher and Walter W. Powell, 2005

The book contains a collection of previously published articles about network organization in the economy. The table of contents is the perfect reading list for anyone getting into the subject.

From the flyer:

Volume I introduces networks as a distinctive governance structure. The
collection explores critical antecedents and social exchange conditions of
networks such as trust, reputation, power, and cohesion and also examines the
vulnerability of networks. Volume II features pivotal network processes and
dynamics such as access, learning and innovation, mobilization and
recombination, and diffusion.The collection covers the spectrum of various
network forms and elucidates the key features of regional, informal, business
and project networks.

46 articles, dating from 1957 to 2002
Contributors include: R. Burt, R. Dore, D. Gambetta, M. Gerlach, M. Granovetter, B. Holmström, K. Polanyi, O.E. Williamson

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