SME data

Another roundup: global SME data sources (with a focus on Asia).

General SME statistics
Google: "Google Directory- Sciences > Social Sciences > Economics > Indicators and Statistics > Official statistics > Asia." (Links to national statistical databases.)
Inforum: "Econdata."
ILO: “Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) Programme.”
Inomics: "EconDirectory."
OECD: "SMEs and entrepreneurship."

World Bank. "Doing business: benchmarking business regulations."
World Bank. "Enterprise surveys: what businesses say." (Contains some data sorted by firm size.)
World Bank. (2000). "World Business Environment Survey (WBES) 2000."
World Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. "The Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey (BEEPS)."

SMEs in Asia and in developing countries
APEC. "Small and medium enterprises working group."
ASEAN. "Economic integration: SMEs (links)."
DDCN. "Davidson Datacenter Network." (Focus on CIS)
UNIDO (2001). Development of clusters and networks of SMEs: The UNIDO programme. Vienna, United Nations Industrial Development Organization.
Ceglie, G. and M. Dini (1999). SME cluster and network development in developing countries: The experience of UNIDO. PSD Technical Working Paper, United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

Other useful links
AdmiNet. “Small and medium enterprises.”
UNCTAD. "StDev at UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - Science & Technology for Development Network)."
World Bank. “Data and Research.”
World Bank. "World Development Indicators." (Contains some data sorted by firm size.)

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