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... at least in the UK. The US edition will follow in a month or two.

Gurneeta Vasudeva and I contributed chapter 5: "R&D internationalization: building organizational capabilities to balance exploration and exploitation" to A New Generation in International Strategic Management edited by Stephen Tallman.

Here's the publisher's page.

Available at Amazon UK and on pre-order at Amazon USA.

From the chapter introduction:

Building on recent research that examines how firms balance exploration and exploitation over time and within organizational domains as well as across these domains (Lavie and Rosenkopf, 2006), we suggest that R&D activities in emerging market economies that are both geographically and institutionally distant constitutes an exploratory strategy. However, to balance such exploratory learning, MNEs are more likely to pursue exploitative strategies for building organizational capabilities in other important domains of their R&D internationalization strategy.

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